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About Our Brand

Learn more about our company, it's history and why you should only wear the Best.


Our Story

In 2019, Dibiasse was created by Jordana when she moved half way across the country from Baltimore to LA to pursue her dreams. While that sounds cliche, she had dreams of becoming a fashion entrepreneur after earning a degree in IT and realizing her passion is split in fashion and creativity.

With this she grabbed the bull by the horn and went into the fashion industry to meet a heavily desired need: Affordable True Luxury! At Dibiasse our goal is to make you the trendiest garments and designs at affordable prices and luxurious quality.

Jordana came about the name Dibiasse in a realization that it completely represented everything she has ever known in life: Strength! Dibiasse means Strength and with our brand we aim to help you discover your strength within through fashion. Some of us don't like the stress of having to choose an outfit daily that's trendy and cool, choosing Dibiasse means anything you grab is a Go!

Our Fabrics

All our fabrics are of the finest quality on the market, guaranteed. We can 100% guarantee this because in the selection of our fabrics we go through a meticulous process to ensure our garments are made of the best quality materials.

To maintain our signature style, in some fabrics, we have them custom made to our own specific fabric composition, we use this to enhance softness and a silky feeling, strengthen the fabric and in some cases add stretch for comfort.

Our Process

One word: Meticulous! In all our processes, from designing to garment creation to production and packaging, we go through a rigorous process in sourcing for the highest quality suppliers far and wide. Distance is no object when it comes to sourcing quality at Dibiasse, we are relentless.

Because of this, we can guarantee the luxury we provide you is indeed True Luxury. Unlike other brands that abnormally upsell their products to maintain the ambience of luxury within subpar materials, we on the other hand provide you true luxury at reasonable prices made with quality fabrics and finishing.

Our Quality

For us, it's the beauty in the details. We go the extra length to make the little things count. We source for the highest fabrics and finishing from local and international suppliers. Our quality is unmatched because we take the time to test and retest our materials before use.

Our garments are hand crafted to your fit, sampled numerous times to get the perfect fit, quality tested over and over again to guarantee you receive the best. Quality is our top priority at Dibiasse and we make sure this feeling is represented wholly in our garments.

We're Here For You!

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