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Premium Comfort Collection

Feel luxurious in a regular t-shirt, because it's not a regular t-shirt. Our Premium Comfort Collection features handcrafted pieces of modern day lifestyle t-shirts.  

But more than that, they're 100% breathable and comfortable, feature four-way stretch, curve hems, crew necks and carefully crafted body conforming sleeves to fit men of all body builds.

Made of a specially blended fabric, specifically made for Dibiasse, unlike the regular Jersey Cotton our signature fabric consists of a higher percentage of cotton and lower in polyester, this guarantees premium level comfort and softness on the skin.

A soft, buttery feeling can be expected when you wear any garment made out of our signature cotton fabric, which is our entire premium comfort collection.

Unlike other Jersey Cottons, our signature blend is breathable, absorbs sweat and keeps your skin dry all day. For durability and fit, we give credit to our four-way stretch and curve hem features.

Our pieces are all modern designs fit for daily casual and business life.





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